About Us


Because if you’re Social, you like to be around people. A social butterfly is someone who is social or friendly with everyone, flitting from person to person, the way a butterfly might.

The word Social comes from the Latin “SOCIUS”, meaning “FRIEND”.


What is our mission?

We sympathize with the various social ethical issues that are still "ongoing" in our society today.

We understand how these problems could impact emotionally and psychologically on the people who are directly affected by them.

Our purpose is to generate a positive butterfly effect in retail, by designing and selling only products that stand out for our values:

- empathy,

- equity,

- diversity,

- eco-responsibility,

- motivation and

- positive entrepreneurship.

Each different person needs to be accepted and supported, and our goal is to take small but consistent steps towards a better future.


Last but not least, we also appreciate humour, as the perfect gift in order to have a good social harmony.


What do we do in order to fulfill our mission? 

- We try to protect the environment and our clients, by proposing a majority of eco-responsible products, made of organic cotton and sourced materials. When possible, depending on our providers, the packaging is equally eco-responsible. 

- We try to discourage the consumerist print in advance approach, in a strategy of huge quantities "just in case", which mass distribution uses. We print our products exclusively after their purchase, in an entirely eco-responsible retail business model.

- We try to create a products universe that integrates thematics as diversity, confidence, equity, humour and others.


Our team

We are a team of entrepreneurs and passionate designers. Our headquarter is based in France, but we’re settled in different locations around the world.


How it works?

See our designs and the products that we’re proposing on our site, add your favorites to your shopping chart, see if the delivery time suits you, place your order, pay online with a secured transaction and enjoy your purchase once you received it.

You’re not happy with your purchase? We are accepting refunds during the next 30 days starting with the delivery day.


Our social engagement

We believe in continuously supporting our values, so we have decided that always (not just a month or two), 1% of our profits will go to associations that support causes in which we believe (education and children health, diversity, equity, environment and others).

The 1% profits donation will be made at the end of each fiscal year.


Thank you very much for visiting us.

We wish you a great day and we hope to meet you again soon!


P.S. Are you a talented writer in the area of business, mindset, social progress, social values, innovation? We believe in collaborative progress in business, so if you will sent us articles by email (and we're able to publish them), we will publish those articles on this site, giving you the author credentials by inserting a link to your writing blog/site/social media page inside the published article. We will equally share the article on social media. 


Take care,