2 Hacks to evolve using our daily environment


Speed, stress, break-downs, loose of hope. The world that we’re living in could be cruel and frightening. And can paralyze our full potential.

But we can put ourself out. We can save ourselves. We just need to stop. To look around. And to search the light at the end of our tunnel. Even it is not obvious in what or where we can find it. It is possible, and here, at SOOOCIALS, we know it.

But how to find our light?

Sometimes we can see the first signs of light by starting to make a small selection of the information ressources that we’re consuming (via internet, tv and books). 

Do we have more of a pessimist and anxious base and we tend to consume a lot of negative informations that are just nourishing our convictions in a self-sabotaging way? News and articles about how many atrocities are happening in the world and about how it is almost not possible to achieve our goals?

We’re social « animals » and we learn by exemple as long as we live. We have the incredible capacity to adapt at our environment. And now, by using the technology, we have the possibility to control the environment that we’re living in.

Controlling the environment that we’re living in it means to choose to expose ourselves at positive informations. If we arrive to make a small space, progressively but with continuity, for some positive information daily, our brain will start change the way that it is wired. 

By consuming positive informations we can assimilate new convictions. We can assimilate the fact that the world that we’re living in has also positive aspects. That if we choose to try and to persevere, it is possible to achieve our goals. That we can learn strategies about how to grow our mentality in a positive and constructive way. 


It is another way?

Yes, it is. Other times, we can find the light at the end of our tunnel in the persons around us that are making constructive choices and actions in their lives. We can find it in the way that we look at them. In changing our perspective. We can find it by replacing the envy and absence of luck that we feel comparing to them, with pure curiosity.

How our life will change if any time that we meet an admirable person, we question ourselves about: 

How did they really make it?

What is the work that they put in and we can’t see (long days, months, years)?

What did they renounced at in order to accomplish theirs goals? 

What we can learn from them?

How we can reproduce their exemple in our case?

By stoping and really paying attention at what we consume and at what is it around us, at what insight we have missed, we’re really putting ourselves firsts. Not in a selfish harmless way for the people’s around us, and implied for us.

But in a kind and empathetic way, the way that will allow us to really grow and to win a mentality that we didn’t had and knew before. And this mentality is the real secret in order to create positive concepts that will make a difference around us and in society in general (or otherwise said, the success mentality).



Welcome at SOOOCIALS, we’re happy to meet you. 

We would love to make a positive impact by sharing our work about the constructive mentality and positive entrepreneurship with the world. We know that each person can reach it’s full potential. It is just a question of circumstances if this didn’t happened yet. We believe in people. We believe in you. 

We cherish the different mentalities and insights. If you’re comfortable with that, we would love to read your experience and point of view.

We believe in collaborative success, and we encourage and support the talented people. If you think that you have an interesting insight and that you can make a positive change around you by using words, videos ou podcasts, send us a material, your public name and a link to your page, blog or site. If the schedule will allow us, we will be thrilled to publish your article under your name and the link to your site, in order to help you to construct your own audience.