Can the internet “army” stop the World War 3 and protect Ukraine?

The last 2 weeks have been an emotional montagne russe. The entire planet holds it’s breath, looking at Russia’s next move against an east European small country - Ukraine, powerless in front of an invasion of one of the biggest armys of the world.

The alliances for defending this country ? Almost none. And the politics seems to fail meeting after meeting.

Even if the good will of the other world’s most powerful countries has been well shown by it’s leaders, with a row of peace and negotiation intended meetings, the European war, that could degenerate very quickly in the World War 3, seems to hang on a straw.

Just a word from Russia’s leader, and, our lifes as we know them until today, could change forever.

Thinking about the possibles human consequences, the sadness strikes in


Our European democratic neighbors, civilians, with peaceful, no harmful life, with children, parents, family, friends, with dreams and hopes, will certainly be cut in the crossfire.

The soldiers that will defend their country with their blood and lIves.

And the soldiers that will invade the neighbor country (where maybe they also have friends and family) with their blood and lives, because is their duty to follow the orders of the persons that are leading their country, behind safe offices.

Yes, they can be today, as we can be tomorrow, the collateral victims of an old fashioned war, in a century when we were thinking that in the advanced democratic countries the war is just sad history.

Economics ? The second important type of aggression as a consequence of this situation. But for the economics, while we’re in good health, we can find solutions, even in crisis situations.

Every problem has a solution

The facts being known, what can we do? 

Can we, as individuals, do something in order to prevent this situation, even if it is maybe a last minute move?

Does the social media has an influence on geopolitics, as it has on the private companies?

Should we lance an anti-war social media world wide campaign, where each of us to agree to post a certain type of content?

Hashtags, frames, posts, videos?

Boicoting the products from the invading country?

Maybe marketing companies could volunteer for this cause, and each of us can be their anti-war social media “ employees”?

The recent history showed that companies can rise and fall when the internet “army” starts to take action together (Doge, GameStop), the same as mentalities can change (#metoo, #blacklivesmatter).

If we learned something until now, considering this recent positive examples of the influence of an internet “army”, is that together we’re strong. Unexpectedly strong. And we can change things, even if it seems there’s no hope.

It’s the moment to do something together to #StopWorldWar3 .