Entrepreneurship Mindset

The last 2 weeks have been an emotional montagne rousse. The entire planet holds it’s breath, looking at Russia’s next move against an east European small country - Ukraine, powerless in front of an invasion of one of the biggest armys of the world.

The alliances for defending this country ? Almost none. And the politics seems to fail meeting after meeting.

Even if the good will of the other world’s most powerful countries has been well shown by it’s leaders, with a row of peace and negotiation intended meetings, the European war, that could degenerate very quickly in the World War 3, seems to hang on a straw…

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Ideally, starting a new adventure in our professional or personal life it's great. Easy to plan. In theory. And especially when it comes to others. But, the reality is that often we’re getting stuck before even starting. And one of...
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Has it ever happened to you to have an idea, to analyze it, to "improve it" (mentally or in writing), and after to improve the already improved version? And all this “improvement process” to delay the materialization of that concept? ...
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Speed, stress, beak-downs, loose of hope. The world that we’re living in today could be sometimes cruel and frightening. And can paralyses us and our full potential.

But we can put ourself out. We can save ourselves. We just need to stop. To look around. To search the light at the end of our tunnel. Even it is not obvious in what or where we can find it. It is possible, and here, at SOOOCIALS, we know it.

But how to find our light?

Sometimes we can see the first sign of light at the end of our tunnel by starting to make...

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